About Us

About BeeCoating

We go beyond the remit of a material supplier to work in partnership with our customers. 

We are far from a carefree manufacturing company “flitting from flower to flower”. Like bees we embarked hard work as soon as we have born.

We strive to add value to customer’s business by offering a multitude of choice of substrates combined with a wide range of adhesives and backing. 

We are commited to drive innovation by finding or developping with customers the right material solution allowing unmatched customisation opportunities.

We offer our products with the service customer asks. We have very small minimum order quantity and we deliver quickly across Europe.

We are passionate for our people, the community and the planet. We produce ethically without the usage of any component could have a negative impact on the world around us.

Water-Based Inkjet Media

No material compromise. Push further the customisation of your customer labels.




Our offer

We offer the broadest range of self-adhesive materials for custom label printing with water-based inkjet technology.


We have taken as motto the phrase of one of greatest artist lived on the planet.

We have a do attitude. Bring us your project. We will work together and make it happen.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso